Brandon’s Story: Our Life with Autism

Our middle son Brandon was diagnosed with Autism shortly after his second birthday. Over the years, my ability to stay home and be with Brandon at all times before and after school has been a blessing, especially since he has developed a strong tendency to wander. 

Six years ago my sister-in-law told me about MedicAlert and how her best friend enrolled her daughter in MedicAlert because of her allergy to nuts. A few months later we enrolled Brandon. I am so thankful my husband and I made that decision.

If not for Brandon’s MedicAlert band, I don’t know what would’ve happened when he wandered off at an amusement park last year during Memorial Day weekend.

We were all standing in line for the Iron Dragon for a long timeFor the first time, my youngest sons met the height requirements for the rollercoaster. I was going to take them on the ride while my husband took Brandon to get some cotton candy.

As they walked over to the food stand, my husband had Brandon sit in the shade on a bench to avoid waiting in line. He began to look at all the food options and turned his attention from him for just moments. After paying for his items, he looked over to see that our son was gone.

During that short time, Brandon had wandered over toward some other food vendors. My husband looked for him for a bit then headed back to where we were exiting the ride to see if Brandon had come back our way.

Within minutes of leaving the bench, a young couple had noticed that Brandon looked lost. When they asked if he was lost, Brandon didn’t respond. Fortunately, they took him to a worker at the amusement park who noticed his MedicAlert bracelet.  Shortly after, I received a call from MedicAlert telling me where Brandon was and that he was safe. Tears of relief came to my eyes.

I don’t know what would’ve happened to him or how my family would cope if it wasn’t for MedicAlert helping to keep him safe. We will forever trust in MedicAlert to help keep our son safe.