Diane’s Story: Living with Severe Asthma

For years, my asthma has hindered many outdoors activities I’d love to experience. At times when I would have allergy and asthma flare-ups, I would miss out on my kid’s soccer and softball events, and was always too scared to go hiking and fishing with my husband, in fear of triggering an asthma attack.

I always have my inhaler close by, especially during the change in seasons. Last summer I experienced the most severe asthma attack I’ve had in years while at my nephew’s track meet.

With the sun beating down, I decided to leave the bleachers and stand under a willow tree to enjoy some shade before his next race.

After a short while I began to feel my chest tighten and slowly began to have difficulty breathing. As I reached for my inhaler, I realized I left it inside my purse with my husband up in the bleachers.

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I began to panic and quickly reached for my phone in my back pocket to call my husband. When he answered I was barely able to speak so he immediately knew something was wrong.

Thankfully I told him where I was going for shade when I left the bleachers because he instantly headed my way.

There were paramedics on standby at the event and they arrived moments after my husband had flagged them down. My face was pale and my lips had started turning a bluish color. The paramedics had seen my MedicAlert bracelet when checking my pulse which has my asthma condition, penicillin allergy and Coumadin engraved.

With my husband’s frantic state, I am not sure he would’ve been able to relay all of my medical information to those helping me. I am forever grateful to MedicAlert and the paramedics for the care they gave me. Thank you for being there when I needed you most.