I’mere the Lovable

Meet I’mere – an active, friendly and totally lovable five-year-old. Like other boys his age, he loves going to the park, eating spaghetti and fruit, and visiting Disneyland. Nothing stops I’mere from playing an energetic game of hide and seek or enjoying his Sonic toys, not even the seizures he withstands or the bleeding disorder Hemoglobinemia E (HbE).

Hemoglobinemia E is an inherited, rare yet mild blood disorder that usually presents itself during routine newborn screenings. Although considered mild, HbE can cause anemia, fatigue, growth failure, shortness of breath or jaundice. A blood disorder and seizures are a worry for I’mere’s mom, Chrishnique, and that’s why she chooses MedicAlert. Chrishnique states “I am very thankful for the MedicAlert bracelet. I feel more comfortable with I’mere wearing it – if I am not with him, someone will see that he has it on and will immediately know what to do.”

While I’mere cajoles his mom to play a game of hide and seek, create backyard adventures, enjoy another family trip, or visit Disneyland as often as he can, Chrishnique can breathe easy knowing that MedicAlert will always protect her son.