Connor’s Story: America’s Got Talent, MedicAlert and Me

Connor Doran was on the 2010 season of America’s Got Talent and was the first to compete with his talent, indoor kite flying. His unique ability to effortlessly fly a four-line kite in a windless environment intrigued both the judges and audience members, and placed him as one of the top 12 semifinalists on the show.

Connor’s interest with indoor kites began over five years ago when he attended a kite festival in Bend, Oregon. His natural ability with the sport was evident immediately. Connor started competing with a single-line kite only a week after attending the festival and received the award for first place. Since then, he has won several competitions with indoor kite flying and has been a guest performer at events throughout the nation. 

Connor has been a MedicAlert® member for more than 15 years. At age four, he started to experience seizures that would occur several times each day. When he was diagnosed with epilepsy, his doctor recommended that Connor start to wear a MedicAlert bracelet. His mother, Amy Doran, said that his MedicAlert membership gives her a peace of mind knowing that when they aren’t together, his bracelet will notify others of his seizures. 

Member story: Connor Doran

For Connor, his MedicAlert epilepsy bracelet and membership provide him with independence and a sense of security. “My bracelet allows me to live a normal lifestyle because I know that if there’s an emergency, my medical information is available and I will receive the help I need.”

Since the show aired, Connor has been competing all over the United States in various kite competitions and is an honor student at the South Puget Sound Community College. In addition, Connor is an advocate for the Epilepsy Foundation and he created the “Dare to Dream Team” that is geared towards raising awareness about epilepsy and anti-bullying.