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Living with Diabetes

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Living with diabetes - whether type 1 or type 2 - presents daily challenges. Managing a healthy diet and constantly trying to balance blood sugar levels is stressful, especially when living an active and hectic life.

Diabetes symptoms can happen at any time, and quickly turn into an emergency. During a diabetic emergency, you may feel confused, shaky, sluggish, or dizzy; you might even pass out. You may not be able to communicate what’s happening. A MedicAlert ID is vital for people living with diabetes — to alert others to your condition, and ensure you get proper medical care in an emergency.

Learn how a MedicAlert ID and Membership
can help people living with diabetes:

  • We're your voice: If you can’t speak for yourself, your ID will inform others about your diabetes and any medications you are taking.
  • 24/7 emergency protection: Our team will relay all of your critical medical information to first responders in an emergency, no matter where or when it happens.
  • Stay connected: No one should be alone during an emergency. MedicAlert will reach out to your emergency contacts in your moment of need, so they can be by your side as quickly as possible.
  • Live with confidence: Enjoy the safety and peace of mind to live your life with diabetes, knowing that MedicAlert is there for you when you need us most.
Living with Diabetes