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Tired of Being Forgetful? Learn How to Keep Your Mind Sharp Every day!

We often hear medical experts say that the way to keep our bodies healthy and functioning properly is achieved through certain lifestyle decisions. Staying physically active and ensuring beneficial fuel through a wholesome diet are just a few ways to avoid body aches and pains as we progress through life.

How does this differ in order to keep our minds healthy and active as well? There simply is no difference. Exercising our minds daily and eating our ‘super foods’, allows for our thoughts and memories to thrive.


Ways to Keep Your Mind Healthy & Active (see more at

1.Get Plenty of Mental Exercise- Give your mind a daily mental workout by putting your brain into action.

2.Don’t be a Couch Potato- Getting plenty of physical exercise increases the blood-flow to your brain.

3.Challenge Your Brain- Knowledge is power.  Be curious about the world around you and continually seek understanding for the things you have questions about.

4.Eat Healthy- Consume your antioxidants, whole grains and remember breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

5.Be Safe-  Protect your brain from injury by practicing safe habits especially when driving and being physically active- wear helmets, seat belts, etc.

6.Reduce Stress- Relaxation exercises including meditation and yoga, can help reduce the stress of our busy daily routines. 

7.Moderate Specific intakes of the following:

-          Fast food

-          Heavily processed food

-          White sugar

-          Hydrogenated vegetable oils

-          Caffeine

-          Alcohol

-          High fructose corn syrup

-          Saturated fats

MedicAlert encourages you to remember that we are each given one body and one mind. It is our responsibility to nurture them both by making the best lifestyle choices we can to ensure a long and healthy life with our loved ones! 

MedicAlert Team Member