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True Stories from Those Protected by Their Epilepsy MedicAlert IDs

The possibility of a seizure occurring at any time can be unsettling to say the least, especially for those living with epilepsy.

When it comes to chronic diseases like epilepsy, being immediately identified as having a medical condition is often necessary to ensure you receive exceptional treatment and care during an emergency.   

In addition, the possibility of experiencing a severe seizure resulting in unconsciousness heightens the importance of ensuring you or your loved one is wearing an epilepsy medical ID at all times.

MedicAlert’s Epilepsy Medical IDs: Working to Save Lives Everyday         

“Last semester, I was in my Computer Science class when I began to feel sick to my stomach and faint. Next thing I knew, I was being taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital. I was told by the doctor that I had experienced a grand mal seizure. Living with epilepsy, I’ve had many seizures over the years but never one this big.”

“When the paramedics had arrived at the classroom, they saw my MedicAlert bracelet and were able to immediately give me the proper dosage of medication. After being made aware that I was okay, MedicAlert called my parents to inform them of my condition. They then drove the 4-hour drive to come be with me for a few days. Had it not been for you, I don’t know what would have happened to me. Thank you for everything.”     

10-year MedicAlert member                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

 “A few summers ago, I had just flown home from a business trip and started in on a 3-hour drive to meet my wife and kids at our friend’s house for the 4th of July. I was definitely not anticipating a seizure. In the past I have typically felt a little spacy and weak right before an episode.

This time was different. There were no warning signs. I must have blacked out…I don’t know how I got so lucky but thankfully I was on a long stretch in the country and not on a freeway with several cars around. When I became unconscious, my car must have eventually slowed and swerved into a tree. Another car traveling behind me got out and called 911.

The man who stopped saw my MedicAlert bracelet that states ‘Seizure Disorder,’ and leaned me towards He stayed with me until the paramedics arrived. They helped me out of the car and gave me Diazepam. I have never had a seizure while driving and it took a while to feel comfortable being behind the wheel again. At least I always know my bracelet is with me should anything happen. Thank you for helping to save my life. I am forever grateful."

15-year MedicAlert member

“About a year ago my co-worker and I were heading to lunch to meet some business colleagues. I unexpectedly began to shake uncontrollably and became unresponsive. Knowing my condition, she immediately detoured to the nearest emergency room. When we pulled up, two paramedics were fortunately standing outside the entrance. They brought around a wheel chair and took me directly back.

Upon seeing my bracelet, they called MedicAlert, administered some medication, started an IV, and began running some tests. You then called my husband to inform him of what happened are where he could come see me. I was supposed to pick our boys up from school that day and had MedicAlert not contacted my husband, they would have been left waiting for me. Thank you for being there for my family and I during my time of need.”

8-year MedicAlert member

MedicAlert Team Member