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Honoring Those Who Don’t Let Loved Ones Face Their Hardest Times Alone

When one person is diagnosed with a medical disorder, many people are affected. November is National Family Caregiver Month and we encourage you to honor and thank the caregivers who selflessly give their time to support your loved ones during their most vulnerable times.

Caregivers take on roles in immeasurable shapes and forms.  Do you realize that close to 45 million Americans provide almost 40 billion hours of voluntary, “informal” care each year for aging family members and friends living with chronic medical conditions which have inhibited them from handling basic daily activities they were once capable of doing on their own?

It takes a patient, selfless, and dedicated person to fulfil the many hats of a caregiver.  Understanding your limits while caring for another day in and day out is important in managing your overall health.

When feeling helpless or overwhelmed while taking upon the role of caregiving, try to remember the tremendous impact you are having on another person’s life.

Making a Difference

Never underestimate the impact you have on others. No, you may not be presented with an achievement award, and you may never receive formal acknowledgement or praise from family and friends for the sacrifices you make each day, but always remind yourself that you are making a difference in someone’s life every day.

A Rewarding Role

Taking care of an aging parent or loved one can be an emotionally, financially, and physically draining role. Just remember that because you care, and because you are giving up your life for another, you are expressing the greatest act of love for another human being.

It is generous and honorable to say the least, and not many would be strong enough or selfless enough to take on the role.

Caregiving is unfamiliar territory for most. Like most, you were probably thrust into the role suddenly and without being prepared. But overtime you have figured it out, and have done your best.

When you are in the daily trenches of a caregiving role, you may not view it as a rewarding experience, but one day you will probably look back and think that caregiving was one of the most gratifying times of your life.

MedicAlert Team Member