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Healthy & Safe Alternatives to Your Traditional Chocolate-Filled Easter Celebration

Easter continues to be the ideal holiday to celebrate the arrival of springtime while enjoying a day filled with traditions with those you love most. I am sure many of us can agree there is no better way to spend the Easter holiday then making memories with loved ones while hearing the laughter of our children and grandchildren playing with their siblings, cousins, and friends.

This year, why not keep the laughter and fun alive while incorporating healthier alternatives into your Easter traditions? You can create fun and exciting Easter baskets for the kids and host an unforgettable gathering while still watching out for the health and safety of those you love. 


Healthy & Safe Ways to Enjoy Your Family’s Easter Traditions

Of course the Easter Bunny is the keeper of all things sweet, tasty, and right with the world. Next to Halloween, kids appear to get more of a sugar high from treats on Easter than any other holiday. If you are planning to fill your kids’ Easter baskets with all their favorite chocolate sweet treats, think outside the sugar to some healthier but fun alternatives.

Keep Easter baskets fun & healthy and the kids happy - Instead of creating a chocolate-filled basket, give gifts that will last longer and keep a smile on their face. Some fun and healthy ideas include:

  • Jump ropes
  • Stickers
  • Art supplies
  • Fruit snacks
  • Play dough
  • Movies
  • Books
  • Gold fish crackers


●Don’t forget the time-honored tradition of dyeing Easter eggs – You probably loved doing this as a kid, but as every parent knows, it can be a huge task keeping the house and kids intact during the process.

Tip 1: Set up a workstation for their egg decorating fun in the garage or outside if the weather permits. Lay newspaper down and supply all their favorites: stickers, glitter, washable paints, and natural egg dyes.

Tip 2: Before dyeing the egg, gently wipe the egg shell with vinegar to help the egg absorb the color.

Tip 3: Once the eggs are dry, keep refrigerated.


●Easter egg hunting safety - Kids of all ages anxiously await the traditional Easter egg hunt each year. Yards, houses, and parks will be filled with colored plastic eggs with surprises inside waiting to be opened this Easter.

There are ways to maintain the thrill of the hunt without having loading each egg with sugary chocolate surprises.  While trying to add healthier surprises to your Easter egg hunt, take steps to ensure the kids are safe while hunting with these simple tips:

  • Fill eggs with healthier goodies like whole-grain fish crackers, yogurt covered raisins, and pretzels.
  • Be aware of nut allergies for all family and friends participating.      
  • For toddlers, stay away from really small candies to avoid choking.        
  • Set up boundaries for the egg hunt to make is easier to supervise kids while avoiding outside areas that maybe dangerous         
  • Separate age groups so that the younger kids have a chance to find eggs and to avoid the bigger kids plowing down the smaller ones.

Happy Hunting!


MedicAlert Team Member