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24/7 Emergency Response

The MedicAlert® motto “Always There for You” is supported by our 24/7 Emergency Response service. The ability to service our members anywhere and at anytime is the heart of MedicAlert Foundation®; therefore, we have a dedicated team of medically trained specialists available 24/7 to speak on your behalf and relay your health information. This service sets us apart from generic medical ID providers, and proves that MedicAlert is more than a medical ID.

MedicAlert Foundation understands how traumatizing an emergency can be. Whether you are unable to speak, confused, or unaware of your surroundings as the result of an emergency situation, your MedicAlert ID speaks for you by connecting emergency response and medical personnel with your health information. Our 24/7 service allows you to live life to the fullest and eliminates the worry you or your loved ones’ have regarding your health.

How does the service work?

Emergency responders and medical professionals are trained to recognize MedicAlert IDs and have been educated to call our Emergency Response Center, as this grants them immediate access to our member’s health information. MedicAlert Foundation’s Emergency Response Center is staffed by medically trained personnel who then:

  • Communicate vital medical information to emergency responders/medical personnel
  • Transmit medical records to the responding hospital to ensure proper treatment
  • Provide translation services in over 140 languages
  • Contact your family/caregiver to relay your whereabouts and make certain you are reunited with loved ones

Choose a MedicAlert membership tailored to your needs:

Essential Enrollment
$30 for 3 years
$25.00 for Oracle Employees

Advantage Enrollment
$50 each year
$45.00 for Oracle Employees

Advantage 4 Year Enrollment
$120 for 3 years
Plus 1 year free - $40 Value

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MedicAlert Services are Recommended for:

MedicAlert® membership benefits include:

  • Faster treatment and care, especially in emergencies
  • Reduced risk of complications or uncertainties
  • Assurance of personal information security while safeguarding your life
  • Reduced fear and anxiety for you and your loved ones