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No Child Without®

No Child Without® is a charitable program of the Canadian MedicAlert® Foundation that offers all elementary school aged children (ages 4 – 14th birthday) with medical conditions or allergies free 24-hour MedicAlert protection regardless of their financial resources.

The Canadian MedicAlert Foundation is Canada's largest member-based charity. MedicAlert speaks for people with medical conditions, allergies or special needs when they cannot. It is the leading provider of medical information services linked to customized medical bracelets and necklets.

The Lions Clubs of Canada have now partnered with the Canadian MedicAlert Foundation to protect elementary school children with medical conditions. The primary focus of this alliance is to bring No Child Without to Canadian schools in various communities in which the Lions Clubs are present. Our two organizations will work together to implement and expand the program to protect children across the country.

More than 300,000* children in Canada have a medical condition (asthma, allergies or diabetes) warranting medical identification. The goal of the No Child Without program is to provide every elementary student in Canada (who has a pre-existing health condition) a MedicAlert bracelet or necklet custom-engraved with the child’s medical information, member ID and the MedicAlert® 24-hour Emergency Hotline number.

As part of its role, the Lions Clubs of Canada has agreed to provide funding and community-based support for the purpose of expanding and implementing No Child Without across the country.

Benefits of No Child Without for the Parent and Child

  • Reassures parents that the school and first responders are able to identify their child’s medical emergency quickly
  • Speaks for the child when the child cannot
  • Supports what the parent may not be in a position to afford

Benefits to the School

  • Identifies children with medical conditions to all school administrators such as teachers, substitute teachers, staff as well as parent volunteers
  • Saves precious minutes in a medical emergency

Frequently Asked Questions

How can my club get involved?

Each club can contact the Lions Clubs No Child Without District Chair or the Lions Clubs District Governor for information about adopting a school. Visit to find your Lions District Chair or District Governor for No Child Without.

What recognition will there be for my Lions Club?

The Lions emblem will appear on all the MedicAlert No Child Without information including the website, publications, and the MedicAlert No Child Without (NCW) identification bracelets, necklets, and wristbands. In addition, Lions Clubs will receive media attention every time a new school board announces NCW in their community.

What is the cost to my Lions Club?

The cost to fund each child’s membership will be $100. This will cover the cost of the bracelet, wristband or necklet, creating a database with medical records and 24-hour Hotline in case of an emergency.

Program trends show that the number of children that will enroll in a school will be 5% of the school’s population. For example, if the school has 300 students then the club would sponsor 15 children at a cost of 15 X $100 = $1500.

Once the child is enrolled, there will be no cost to the family or club until the child reaches 14 years old. At that time the family can enroll in the MedicAlert StudentsFIRST program for a reduced student fee.

There are many schools in our area. How can we support them all?

Lions Clubs of Canada is one of many No Child Without sponsors. The Canadian MedicAlert Foundation continually works to identify funding from other sources. In order to enroll all 12,000 elementary schools, MedicAlert will work over the next 5 years to fund all schools. Your club could sponsor as many schools as it wishes over that period. For a list of schools on the waiting list, please visit

I know someone who wishes to support No Child Without. How do they donate?

To support this program visit or call the Canadian MedicAlert Foundation toll free at 1-877-282-5378.