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Lions and MedicAlert Foundation: A History of Partnership

Partners Since 1955

The Lions have been one of our longest-lived and stalwart partners in fulfilling our mission to protect and save lives. MedicAlert Foundation and Lion Clubs have worked together around the globe - our Headquarters in California teaming with Lions in the United States, and our international affiliates partnering with Lions clubs in their respective countries. From a national effort in Canada to bring MedicAlert membership to children in need, to participation in our Health & Safety Fair held in our hometown of Turlock, together we have taken on initiatives that are far-reaching in their scope as well as those that get to the heart of an individual community’s need. Like the Lions, MedicAlert Foundation is committed to the well-being of all of those in need. We are especially focused on the health and well-being of children, meeting the needs of those with Diabetes, working with partners on disaster preparedness initiatives, and supporting our nation’s veterans.

How it works

Lions and MedicAlert in California: A Partnership to Help Children in Need

Together with the Lions in the Central Valley of California (District MD-4), MedicAlert Foundation has developed a children’s program to provide our services FREE of charge to children ages 4-14 who are most in need. This charitable program works through the public school system to identify elementary and junior high school age children with chronic medical conditions, such as diabetes, Autism, food allergies, or special needs. This special program offers the protection and security of a MedicAlert medical ID and membership at no cost to the child’s parent or guardian, their school, or their school district.

MedicAlert Foundation’s International Affiliates

With over 4 million members worldwide, MedicAlert Foundation’s international network currently serves members in more than 50 countries.

The people who guide MedicAlert Foundation on its global mission to protect and save lives are diverse in background, yet unified in purpose - to ensure that all MedicAlert members receive a consistently high level of service and protection. Our worldwide locations include: