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MedicAlert Foundation® and Lions Club International

Working Together to Protect and Save Lives

Lions have a strong commitment to serve others and improve the quality of life for those in need. Each day, around the world, nearly 46,000 Lions clubs and 1.35 million members conduct and support large-scale projects to meet the needs of their communities.

Lions are also concerned with protecting individuals living with diseases or disabilities, or those at risk whose lives can be in danger when faced with natural or other disasters. Lions Clubs International has partnered with MedicAlert Foundation International (MedicAlert) to protect and save lives. Working together, Lions and MedicAlert can enhance life-saving services for the following at-risk groups:

Importance of Emergency Medical Information

Immediate access to information about an individual’s disease or condition is critical in times of emergency or disaster – where seconds count. A MedicAlert medical ID worn by a child or adult helps save lives. Emergency personnel and healthcare professionals are trained to look for the MedicAlert ID, and it enables them to gain access to medical information and hidden medical conditions requiring prompt attention and treatment. Full details about vital information are held on a secure database. MedicAlert provides its services to 2.3 million members in the United States and another 1.7 million members through its affiliates worldwide. Thousands of emergency calls are answered in the United States, each year by MedicAlert’s dedicated team of trained staff and on-site emergency response specialists. MedicAlert “speaks for you when you can’t.”

MedicAlert – Worldwide Affiliates

Lions can reach at-risk groups around the world by working with established MedicAlert offices in these locations: Australia, Canada, Cyprus, Iceland, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States, and Zimbabwe. Local Lions have successfully partnered with MedicAlert in many of these locations. For more information about the MedicAlert affiliates, or to explore partnership opportunites, visit

Opportunities for Service

There are many ways for Lions to partner with MedicAlert- as a district, as a club, or as individuals:

  • Provide awareness about MedicAlert and its life-saving products through community presentations or exhibits
  • Provide a guest speaker at club meetings or district conventions
  • Distribute MedicAlert publications at community or Lions events
  • Adopt a school or recreational camp to sponsor MedicAlert memberships for at-risk children with Type 1 Diabetes
  • Work with local military/veterans associations to sponsor MedicAlert memberships for returning veterans and wounded military.
MedicAlert Foundation® and Lions Club International