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Create the Perfect Green Smoothie to Start Your Day

Simple Green Smoothie Tips to Start Your Day Feeling Energized


1. Instead of throwing random ingredients into a blender; use measuring cups to follow this simple formula: 60% fruits to 40% leafy greens.

2. Blend leafy greens & liquid base together first.

3. Add fruits and blend again


2 Cups        +       2 Cups         +       3 Cups

Leafy Greens      Liquid Base            Ripe Fruit


Spinach               Water                     Banana

Kale                    Coconut Water        Mango

Romaine             Coconut Milk           Berries

Bok Choy            Almond Milk            Orange

Swiss Chard                                       Avocado

Collards                                              Peach

Dandelion                                           Pear





Chia Seeds                   Hemp Seeds                            Cacao

Coconut Oil                 Hemp Protein Powder            Cinnamon

Almond Butter            Flax Seeds                               Acai Powder


Helpful Hint*** Use at least one frozen fruit to chill smoothie

** This formula creates about 32 ounces and serves 2


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