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We Give Thanks To Our Generous Donors For Your Charitable Contributions!

The generosity of our donors throughout the years should never go unrecognized.  Thanks to your charitable donations, countless people who otherwise could not afford it, now have a much needed peace of mind and can now live their lives more fully.

 It is your contributions that help make MedicAlert’s life-saving programs possible in order to provide thousands with a trusted link between their critical medical information and first responders.

In addition to ensuring that anyone, regardless of financial ability, can receive our life-saving services, your gifts also help support our first responder training program. This program educates first responders worldwide to look for medical IDs, and react immediately by calling our 24/7 emergency service line in order to obtain our customer’s pertinent medical information.


The Impact of Giving

This year alone, thanks to your generosity, MedicAlert was able to provide over 2,000 sponsored service plans to those in need of life-saving services.

Your gift today can allow several more families to have the peace in mind in knowing MedicAlert can continue providing life-saving services when needed most. For more information on making your charitable tax deductible contribution, click here!


MedicAlert Team Member