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We Give Thanks to Our ManyTrusted Partners

MedicAlert is grateful for the many valuable partnerships we have developed throughout the years. Our partners have played a fundamental role in enhancing the services and programs we provide in order to ensure exceptional treatment and care for our customers during an emergency.

Continuing to build upon our trusted partnerships greatly impacts our foundation’s success for the years to come. This Thanksgiving, MedicAlert is proud to highlight the many valuable programs that have been created through our partnerships worldwide that contribute to saving numerous lives each day.


Thank You for Your Committment to Saving Lives

Alzheimer’s Association- (partnership since 2007) MedicAlert®  + Alzheimer’s Association Safe Return® program has been exclusively designed for people living with Alzheimer’s and related dementia. This partnership was formed to provide a national emergency response service for individuals living with Alzheimer’s and related dementia that wander or have a medical emergency. The Safe Return program activates a community-wide support network when a person with dementia is reported lost or is found in the community. The network, including local Alzheimer Association chapters and law enforcement agencies, work together to help reunite the person who wandered with the caregiver or a family member

FARE - (Food Allergy Research & Education) through our valued partnership with FARE, MedicAlert Foundation continues to offer the MyVoice program to help protect our customers living with food allergies. For those faced with life-threatening anaphylaxis, communicating the severity of a medical emergency quickly is critical. This program continues to provide special discounts on our products and services. In addition to offering a 10% discount on products to persons living with food allergies, 20% of proceeds from purchases will go to support FARE.

Philips Lifeline- MedicAlert and Philips have partnered to provide safety to you and your loved ones to help you get back on your feet after suffering from a fall. With the push of a button, Philips is notified and will contact emergency personnel immediately. Your personalized MedicAlert medical ID will then ensure you receive exceptional treatment and care, while MedicAlert notifies your family of your condition with our 24/7 Family Notification Service.

NAEMSE – Our partnership with the National Association of Emergency Medical Service Educators (NAEMSE), has allowed MedicAlert to offer a free Emergency Medical Information Services (EMIS) training program to EMS professionals. The training materials provided are due to our successful collaboration with NAEMSE.  In addition, MedicAlert EMIS continuing education program is aimed to highlight the benefits of accessing medical identification services on behalf of patients in order to receive exceptional treatment and care during an emergency.

NASA- Thanks to our collaboration with the NASA Federal Credit Union, The MedicAlert Platinum Advantage Credit Card was introduced earlier this year. Hundreds of individuals are helping sponsor those in need of MedicAlert services but can’t afford them.  Every time a MedicAlert credit card is used, a contribution is made to help those less fortunate. In addition, NASA helped MedicAlert create the program so that card holders can earn double points for all medical purchases including, all drugstore purchases, doctor visits, prescriptions, medical services, supplies, and MedicAlert services and ID products.

ACEP- We are proud to work with the nation’s leading emergency physicians at ACEP. In alliance with the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), MedicAlert launched the Seconds Save Lives education campaign in 2010. Seconds Save Lives is a national campaign created to educate the public about medical emergencies. The Seconds Save Lives consumer brochure offers guidelines on preventing and preparing for medical emergencies. In addition, the brochure includes information on the importance of emergency medical information and identification services, when to call for help, what to say to emergency responders, and what to do while waiting for help.

In 2011, MedicAlert and ACEP collaborated once again to create the Protected Emergency Medical Information Service Exchange (PrEMISE) application. This innovative online application provides first responders and medical personnel with immediate access to MedicAlert customers’ vital health information via their mobile phones or electronic devices. The MedicAlert PrEMISE provides treating professionals with valuable health information including: medical conditions, medications and dosages, 

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