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Trick-Or-Treat Time is quickly Approaching- Keep your Kids Safe While Enjoying Their Favorite Halloween Traditions

How do your kids typically answer the question, “What is one of your favorite holidays?”  I think many of us parents can agree their most common response is all too often HALLOWEEN!

Our children’s favorite Halloween memories are created each year from traditional Halloween fun, including: visits to haunted houses, corn mazes, carving pumpkins, costume parties, trick-or-treating with their neighborhood friends, and of course-counting their plentiful candy stashes at the night’s end.

Our children eagerly anticipate the many events leading up to Halloween; including mapping their trick-or-treating route to all those neighborhood homes known for giving their candy favorites. Although the Halloween holiday brings great joy to our children; as parents we tend to be more apprehensive about our children’s safety on Halloween night.


Keep Your Kids Protected This Halloween with a MedicAlert Sports Band

Are your kids trick-or-treating with family members or neighborhood parents while you stay behind to greet trick-or-treaters coming to your door? If so, ensure to safeguard them with the protection of a MedicAlert bracelet or sports band in the event of an emergency!

It’s common for our kids to join in the Halloween party fun both at school and at friends’ homes; where delicious treats will be waiting. Make their food allergies and/or other underlying medical conditions known with a MedicAlert medical ID. When unable to speak for your child during an emergency, allow their medical ID to speak for them.

First responders and medical personnel are trained to look for MedicAlert medical ID’s during an emergency; which immediately connects them to your child’s complete health history. Have the peace of mind in knowing your child will receive the exceptional medical treatment they need and deserve 24/7 when away from your care! 


Safety Tips to Remember When Trick-Or-Treaters Come Knocking at your Door

As parents we hope our neighbors take necessary safety precautions to ensure our children are safe when they come knocking on their doors Halloween night.

 In turn, it is important for us to adhere to the same safe practices that we expect from others when their kids come knocking at our doors on Halloween night. Use these easy tips to make the festivities safe and fun for everyone.

-          Provide healthier treats to handout, such as low-calorie or sugar-free treats and drinks.

-          PAINT A PUMPKIN TEAL FOR YOUR FRONT PORCH; to signify you have non-food treats for those little goblins with food allergies. Non-food treats can include: stickers, glow sticks, bubbles, erasers, slinkies, pencils and more

-          Ensure walking areas and stairs are well- lit and clear of obstacles that could result in falls.

-          Keep candle-lit jack o’lanterns and other luminaries away from main walkways, doorsteps and curtains.  Keep them out of reach of possible pets and small children coming to your doorway.


Some Healthy & Safe Trick-Or-Treating Practices for your Kids

-          When making or buying their favorite costume; keep swords, knives and similar costume accessories short, soft and flexible

-          Stay with your little ones at all times; and encourage your older kids to walk in groups or with another trusted adult

-          WALK and don’t run from house to house; and stay on well-lit sidewalks

-          Test your kid’s face makeup in a small area before fully applying it. Remove all makeup before bedtime in order to prevent skin irritation.

-          Only buy well-fitting masks and costumes for your kids in order to avoid impaired vision, trips and falls

-          Check your younger children’s treats to ensure they are factory-wrapped and throw away all homemade treats from strangers.



For more information on food allergy medical ID’s click here!


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