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Mother has Peace of Mind Knowing her 7- Year Old Daughter is protected with Her MedicAlert Medical ID

7-year old Alissa is an outgoing, active, and loving child. “She’s always been my little dare devil, never showing fear of anything. From the time she could walk, Alissa was getting into everything, curious and always on the move,” says Alissa’s mother Cathy.

Although she’s an independent and adventurous little girl; Alissa had a severe incident when she was just 2 years old that made her forever terrified of peanut butter.

“My husband and I decided to wait until our kids were older to try giving them any seafood or foods containing peanut oil,” says Cathy, adding; “I just always had a fear of food allergies because I witnessed my sister go into Anaphylactic shock twice when we were younger from her shellfish allergy.”

Cathy’s fear became a reality when receiving the alarming phone call from her daughter’s daycare one Wednesday afternoon. Alissa had been given peanut butter and crackers for lunch the second week after starting at a new daycare.

 Within moments of eating her snack, Alissa went into Anaphylactic shock. When her throat began to swell and she was having trouble breathing, they immediately called 911. After calling 911, Cathy received the call about Alissa.

“Upon enrolling her, they asked about any known allergies; and because we had never given her anything with peanuts we were unaware of any food allergies,” said Cathy, “I should have been specific about that upfront.”


Food Allergies and the Protection of a MedicAlert Medical ID

Soon after the realization that her daughter had a peanut allergy; Cathy got Alissa a MedicAlert Steel Heart medical ID bracelet engraved with her food allergy and specifying that Alissa carries an epi-pen with her at all times.

“Over the past 5 years we have learned all too well about the hidden ingredients in foods that aren’t prepared in our own home,” said Cathy, adding; “ we don’t have anything in our home containing any type of peanut oil.”

Whether Alissa is at school, at a friends’ house, in karate or dance class; Cathy and her husband feel the comfort in knowing her food allergies are made known on her MedicAlert bracelet. If an incident should occur where Alissa does go into anaphylactic shock; she will receive the treatment needed to save her life.