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Think Ahead of the Game- Ensure Your Child's Safety this Sports Season

With the fall season upon us; it is safe to say our weekends have become jam-packed with our kids’ football and soccer schedules, wrestling and volleyball matches, and cheerleading competitions.

Our weekday nights became officially chaotic with the start of a new school year. As parents, we try to balance helping with homework assignments and those fun yet challenging science projects.

Trying to prepare healthy meals for our family, packing lunches for the next school day, ensuring showers are done and the kids get plenty of rest can be demanding; but as we say, “anything for our kids.” So… when throwing nightly sports practices into the mix, our daily routines become even more interesting…


Take Steps to Avoid Your Child Getting Injured this Sports Season

Playing on new teams, in new positions, with new coaches can create excitement for our kids’ love of the game. Help ensure they have a healthy and safe season that they won’t have to miss out due to preventable injuries.

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons; last year there were approximately 881,700 football-related injuries in kids ages 5-18 years, and 627,884 sports-related injuries in kids for soccer, cheerleading and volleyball combined.

MedicAlert reminds parents of the several steps we can take to help safeguard our children during their sports season including:

-          Taking them to the Pediatrician/Family Physician for their routine physical before the season begins.

-          Ensure they are drinking plenty of liquids before, during, and after the game in order to stay hydrated and to avoid cramping.

-          Make sure your child has their inhaler, insulin, and/or any other medications they may need when going to practices and games.

-          If your child is complaining of pain, DON’T IGNORE their complaints or symptoms. Communicate with a doctor, Physical Therapist or Sports Medicine Specialist.

-          Ensure they have the protective equipment they need according to the sport they are playing.

-          Give them healthy fuel to put in their bodies before and after practices and games to keep up their energy levels. Enroll Your Child In MedicAlert’s Kid Smart


Ensure Your Child is Protected When You Aren’t Around

As parents, we want to make sure our kids are protected at all times. Throughout the school year and during the sports seasons, we tend to be away from our children throughout most of each day. Go above and beyond to ensure your child’s health and safety when you cannot be there by enrolling them in MedicAlert’s Kid Smart® program today.

Whether your child has food allergies, medication allergies, asthma, diabetes, or other underlying medical conditions; MedicAlert’s Kid Smart program will ensure your child receives exceptional medical treatment in the event of an emergency.

By including a MedicAlert sports band into your child’s sports attire; first responders and other medical personnel can be made immediately aware of any essential treatment needs when they are unable to communicate and/or you cannot be there. Take a look at our Kids Active Wear Accessories today!

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