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This November MedicAlert Emphasizes the Importance of Wearing a Medical ID While Living With Epilepsy

Often times, the causes of a person suffering from consistent seizures are unknown. Epilepsy Awareness Month reminds us that the heightened need for a cure is evident. Today, the number of Americans living with epilepsy is on the rise.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, epilepsy affects approximately 2 million people in the United States. Every November, the Epilepsy Foundation works to increase recognition and understanding of this medical condition worldwide.


Understanding Episode Triggers Can Help with Epilepsy Management

Medical professionals stress the importance of protecting our heads at all time when engaging in certain physical activities, such as playing a contact sport or riding a motorcycle.

There are several commonly reported triggers shared by the Epilepsy Foundation including some of the following:

·         Specific time of day or night

·         Sleep deprivation – overtired, not sleeping well, not getting enough sleep

·         At times of fevers or other illnesses

·         Flashing bright lights or patterns

·         Alcohol or drug use

·         Stress

·         Associated with menstrual cycle (women) or other hormonal changes

·         Not eating well, low blood sugar

·         Specific foods, excess caffeine or other products that may aggravate seizures

·         Use of certain medications


MedicAlert ID Ensured Proper Treatment of Woman Experiencing a Seizure While In the Shopping Mall Parking Lot

When going to help Jamie, he noticed her epilepsy MedicAlert ID bracelet.  “Thank God he had someone alert mall security and then took it upon himself to call the number on my bracelet,” said Jamie. “I am so grateful that MedicAlert immediately contacted my husband and left a message for him regarding my condition and where I was…” – For more on this story click here


Living with Epilepsy and the Importance of a MedicAlert medical ID

The possibility of a seizure occurring at any time while driving, grocery shopping, on vacation, at the gym or at work can be extremely unsettling.  With a personalized MedicAlert medical ID you can have the peace of mind in knowing that your epilepsy medical ID will speak for you in your time of need.

Our 24/7 Emergency Response Services will immediately connect first responders and medical personnel to your up-to-date medical information.  With  MedicAlert’s 24/7 Family Notification Services, wearing your medical ID at all times will ensure your loved ones will be informed regarding the state of your medical condition should an emergency occur while being away from home.  To view our products and services, visit

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