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Educating to ensure your safety.

MedicAlert has a dedicated team of education professionals who work alongside the first responder and medical professional communities to ensure they understand the benefits of utilizing MedicAlert during your time of need.

We offer comprehensive training materials about MedicAlert’s medical IDs and 24/7 life-saving services, along with specific training about medical conditions, and various topics affecting these communities (such as wandering, mental illness, etc). MedicAlert is also working alongside federal agencies to develop comprehensive training for the communities responsible for our members’ rescue. These efforts are all designed to further protect our members and advocate for improved outcomes during emergency situations.

What exactly does MedicAlert’s education team provide?

  • We have a training library of materials designed for Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS, and Emergency Room professionals. These materials also include specific training about certain medical conditions, as provided by our partners.
  • MedicAlert works with its various partners to develop large training events where our team can conduct in-person training seminars for the “rescue” community.
  • We also provide samples of our medical IDs that rescue trainers can utilize during their mock emergency situations. The sample IDs allow trainers to access our 24/7 emergency response center during their live training simulations so that the trainees understand how to interact with MedicAlert and the value provided during an emergency situation.

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