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Our Mothers’ Claims Were Right- Breakfast Really is the Most Important Meal of the Day

As a kid, did you tend to run out the door in a hurry on school day mornings in an attempt to avoid sitting down at the breakfast table?  Now as an adult, do you still allow your hectic mornings get in the way of eating a wholesome breakfast?  

The demands of our daily schedule often make it easier to skip meals, particularly breakfast. How often does your breakfast consist of grabbing a pop tart and cup of coffee at home, or waiting in the early morning Starbucks drive thru line?

Many Americans don’t realize that skipping breakfast on a regular basis directly influences our energy levels and overall health. It’s important to understand the reasons why a wholesome early morning meal is the most important of the day.


Reasons to Eat a Healthy Breakfast Each Day

The next time you rush out the door to begin your day without something to eat, consider this… A healthy morning meal can give you energy, satisfy your appetite, and set the platform to make smart nutritional decisions from morning until night.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for people of all ages because…

●It provides us with the energy and nutrients that help create increased concentration in the classroom and while at work.

●Plays a large role in maintaining a healthy body weight since those who eat breakfast are less likely to over-eat throughout the day.

●When skipping breakfast, we are less likely to make up our daily vitamin and mineral requirement.

●Stomachs tend to start growling a few hours before lunch if breakfast was skipped, making it more likely for us to snack on foods that are convenient and high in saturated fats and sugars.

Making the Time for your Early Morning Fuel

Eating a nutritious breakfast doesn’t have to be a task. There are several ways to get the morning fuel you need while on the way to starting a busy day. 

●When making your weekly grocery list, include convenient breakfast items that are easy to take when rushing out the door. Fresh fruit, low-fat yogurt, granola, and whole-grain breakfast bars are nutritious and convenient ideas for weekday breakfast solutions. 

●Get out of bed 10-20 minutes earlier in the morning to make time to eat a wholesome breakfast.

● Plan what you want to eat the night before to avoid wasting time searching for something in the morning.