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Leaving a Legacy

Making a planned gift to the MedicAlert Foundation is a great way to ensure your philanthropic wishes will last a lifetime. At MedicAlert, we offer planned giving opportunities that can be arranged for donors at all gift levels. Your gift will ensure the future of MedicAlert services that you have come to trust—for now and for years to come.


To continue giving long after your lifetime, consider the rewarding gift of a bequest, or a donation made in a will. A bequest allows donors to retain full ownership and use of their assets during their lifetime. It ensures that their designated assets will be distributed to MedicAlert in accordance with the wishes dictated in the will.

Living Trust

A living trust is an arrangement you create to provide for you and your family both during and after your lifetime. It can be tailored to fit well with your estate plans, but should not be considered a substitute for a will. Once your needs and those of your family have been met, consider distributing remainder trust assets to MedicAlert.

Life Insurance

If you have a life insurance policy, putting it toward a charitable cause could be the perfect way to continuing the mission of MedicAlert. Naming the MedicAlert Foundation as a beneficiary will help continue protecting and saving lives.

If you would like to receive more detailed information we’re happy to send you a packet.

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