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The Life-Saving Power of a Diabetes MedicAlert Medical ID

Throughout the years, our members have continued to share their life-saving testimonials. Hearing your stories, reminds our team each day about the life-saving value of our services, reinforcing our unrelenting commitment to protecting and saving lives worldwide. 

With tens of thousands of our members living with a diabetes diagnosis, we commonly receive stories from those who have experienced a diabetes-related emergency while wearing their MedicAlert ID.

Read life-saving stories from our valued members…

True Stories: How MedicAlert IDs Protect Those Living with Diabetes

“A few months ago my wife called me from work to tell me she wasn’t feeling well. She didn’t feel she could drive home and asked if I could pick her up. I was so concerned about helping her that I skipped breakfast after having my morning insulin injection.

When I arrived to her work, she said she was feeling a bit of relief and wanted me to follow her home. As I was following her, I was stopped at a red light but she had made it through ahead of me.

I remember feeling suddenly faint and tired. Next thing I knew, I was waking up in an ambulance. While driving I had gone into diabetic insulin shock. As soon as the paramedics saw my bracelet, they immediately administered an IV of glucose and called MedicAlert. The paramedics then took me to the hospital to ensure I was okay. 

MedicAlert then contacted my wife to let her know I was okay, and which hospital I was at. I was told later I drove about two miles irrationally until I hit two cars parked on the side of the road. Thankfully no others were hurt. My airbag and my MediAlert necklace are the reasons I am alive today.”

MedicAlert member living with Type-1 diabetes

“MedicAlert saved my husband’s life this past December for the second time in 3 years. While my daughter and I went into the City to do some last-minute Christmas shopping, Jim experienced a severe hypoglycemic attack while outside shoveling snow. If not for the neighbor finding him and seeing his MedicAlert dog tag, I don’t know what would have happened.

Our lives changed 20 years ago when James received his diabetes diagnosis. Now that we are retired, we often travel and I tend to go away for a few days a month to visit our daughter. Knowing he has MedicAlert at all times allows me to relax a little more.”

- Wife of MedicAlert member living with Type- 2 diabetes  

“Thank You MedicAlert for Giving People with Chronic Illnesses a Helping Hand. If not for my diabetes bracelet, the paramedics said I could have suffered from severe hypoglycemia. Thank you for always being here.” 

- MedicAlert member living with Type-2 diabetes 

MedicAlert Team Member