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National Emergency Medical Services for Children Day: MedicAlert Ensures Our Smallest Patients Receive Exceptional Medical Treatment during an Emergency

Today, MedicAlert reminds Americans to take the time and recognize National Emergency Medical Services for Children’s Day.

This day, serves as an opportunity for our local communities and medical personnel to focus on increasing public awareness regarding the overwhelming need for specialized emergency care for children nationwide.

As parents, we make every effort to protect our child’s health and ensure their safety at all times. Our kids regularly depend on us to feel secure in an immense and overwhelming world where anything can happen at any moment.

We strive to safeguard our children from the normal incidents of falling off bicycles, scraping elbows and knees, bee stings, spider bites, and other more severe illnesses or accidents that occur throughout early childhood and adolescence.

Unfortunately the several demands of daily life don’t make it possible to keep our kids enclosed in a 24-hour armor of defense.

Why Does Your Child Need a MedicAlert medical ID bracelet?  

MedicAlert recognizes the stresses of everyday life and the mandates of a parent’s busy schedule. That is why our trained team of specialists provide 24/7 Emergency Response Services to ensure your child receives immediate and exceptional treatment in the event of an emergency.

In an emergency, first responders are trained to recognize MedicAlert medical IDs and know to call our 24/7 Emergency Response Service for access to your child’s personalized health record.

In addition, if you are not already with your child, MedicAlert can call you to inform you of your child's condition and/or location so that you may be immediately reunited.

What Steps Can You Take to Ensure Your Child Receives Exceptional Medical Care in an Emergency?

According to the Emergency Medical Services for Children National Resource Center, at least 30 million children visit the emergency department each year.

EMSC’s purpose is to continue safeguarding all children in the event of an emergency.

This can be accomplished by certifying that emergency responders are accurately trained in pediatric care; and that all ambulances and emergency departments are equipped with supplies and medications necessary to treat children of all sizes.

There are many proactive steps to consider in ensuring your child can receive immediate and proper treatment in the event of an emergency:

1.    Have a well-stocked first-aid-kit

2.    Keep an updated list of emergency contact numbers

3.    Keep your child’s immunizations up-to-date and keep the record with you

4.    Make a list of allergies that your child has

5.    Keep a record of your child’s past and current medical conditions

6.    Make a list of all medications he/she takes and the dosages for each.

Choose a medical ID That Links Your Child to a 24/7 Emergency Support Network

Give yourself the peace of mind in knowing that in your absence in the event of an emergency, your child has an experienced team of supporters ensuring they receive exceptional medical care.  

By communicating critical medical information to emergency responders and medical personnel; MedicAlert allows the responding hospital to be prepared for your little one's arrival.

Allow our 24/7 service to eliminate the worry you may feel regarding your child’s health, giving both you and your kids the freedom to live life to the fullest. 

About our charity
MedicAlert protects the health and well-being of millions of members worldwide through our trusted emergency support network. We educate emergency responders and medical personnel - our partners in everyday emergency situations. And we communicate your health information, your wishes, and your directives to ensure you receive the best care possible.