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Lower Your Child’s Risk of Heart Disease by Keeping Them Active & off the Couch

When kids spend too much time snacking on the couch, and not enough time busy on their feet and eating right, the chances of developing cardiovascular disease at an early age greatly increases. Take measures now to ensure your child does not become a couch potato after school, on the weekends, and during holiday vacations.

Signs of heart disease such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure-typically the result of childhood obesity, are being found in kids as young as seven and eight years old. These early warning signs at such an early age are extremely alarming, yet can be avoided.

Some risk factors that contribute to your child developing early heart disease include:

●Family history of heart disease


●Lack of physical activity

●Obesity and overweight

With childhood obesity on the rise, ensuring your children gets proper nutrition and adequate daily physical activity is essential to keeping their heart healthy.

Children & Physical Activity

If you are a parent who struggles with motivating your kids to get active, use some of these helpful tips below as encouragement to spend more time outside and away from the television set.

Encourage your child to be more physically active by:

●Reducing their time spent watching television and playing video games

●Creating activities the entire family to participate in

●Living an active lifestyle for yourself first to be a role model for your family  

Engage in activities that can be fun for everyone:

●Play catch and swing the bat in the yard or at the park

●Start games of tag or hide-and-seek outside for the younger kids

●Play Marco Polo in the pool during the hot summer months

●Set up your Nintendo Wii, X-Box 360 or play station with a sport you can all enjoy inside on the cold and rainy days