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Learn How Your Charitable Contribution Dollars Protect and Save Lives Everyday

MedicAlert continues to invest in the exceptional treatment and safety of our customers by properly educating both emergency responders and medical professionals to immediately look for a patient’s personalized medical ID.

Training law enforcement officials and EMT professionals to look for MedicAlert medical IDs helps avoid potential medical errors and saves thousands of lives each year. 


Donations Used to Educate Law Enforcement and EMTs

Charitable contributions made from our customers and various donors allow our charity to provide excellent and up-to-date training materials to the EMT community and law enforcement officials including:

Emergency Responder Training Kits- Printed, classroom-ready presentations to use for new EMS students, or as a continuing education (CE) credit for licensed responders.  Our training kits contain mock emergency scenarios which are crucial to demonstrating the proper protocol for using medical IDs and MedicAlert services during an emergency.

Training Scenario Medical IDs- MedicAlert provides free sample medical IDs for Emergency Responders to use in various training scenarios.

Geriatric Emergencies: An EMT Teaching Manual – This specific manual helps instructors teach their students how to better asses and care for elderly patients during emergencies. The manual was written by MedicAlert, in collaboration with leading authorities on geriatric emergencies.

In critical emergency situations, instant access to medical information shaves off precious minutes (even hours) of response time, allowing responders to provide better assistance to members of their community.


Building Trusted Relationships with First Responders  

Recently, our 24/7 Emergency Response line received a call back from a Police Lieutenant after we successfully assisted him in helping an elderly gentleman living with Alzheimer’s.

The 78- year old wandered from his East Coast home during freezing January temperatures when his wife was gone for just a few minutes. Within a short period of time, he had wandered about a mile from the home. Lieutenant Salisbury of the MBTA Transit Police Department saw the man, looked at his Alzheimer's medical ID, and immediately called MedicAlert’s 24/7 Emergency Response Line listed engraved on his bracelet.

Lieutenant Salisbury was able to get the information he needed to return the disoriented man home to his frantic wife.

When calling back to personally thank our Emergency Response Specialist for her help, the Lieutenant quoted, “You guys did good! Thank you so much-definitely made my job easier. I love this program. I love everything about it.”


Additional First Responder Training Dollars Provided by the Department of Justice

The Department of Justice has provided a generous grant allowing MedicAlert to create a portal for EMS and law enforcement. With grant funding, the Foundation will be able to create new resources (both online and in print) that will help promote awareness of our medical IDs and services,  and will further our ability to train law enforcement and other first responders.

These new resources will include training materials, links to videos, immediate online access to member information, and other resources for professionals.

Information on the MedicAlert® + Alzheimer’s Association Safe Return® program will be provided in order to build awareness for this successful services that helps to quickly reunite families during an Alzheimer’s or dementia-related wandering event.


Your Gift Today Can Help Save a Life!

Your tax-deductible donation will help support training first responders and other medical professionals across the United States; ensuring customers like you receive exceptional health care and treatment during an emergency. Please consider a gift to MedicAlert Foundation today!

You can make your tax-deductible donation today by visiting us at

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