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The President's Corner: MedicAlert Network and Hope Paige

As the weather cools and the fun festivities of the holidays come knocking on our doors, it brings our lives into perspective and reminds us of what truly matters; our family, friends, and good health. Since 1956, MedicAlert Foundation has experienced many holiday seasons, and throughout that time, our staff has been protecting and saving lives by providing first responders and health professionals with vital information to help safeguard you and your loved ones. This will always be our primary mission. Now, with a new holiday season approaching, we’re taking steps to further broaden the impact of our services and looking at new ways to share information with our members.

MedicAlert's launches "Network" to ensure consumer safety

That’s why it’s exciting for me to announce MedicAlert’s new “network” of emergency medical identification providers. The marketplace for medical IDs is constantly changing and there are no formal standards to protect consumers on the safety of IDs, protection of personal health information, the correct use of medical terminology or even basic business practices. It is really a “buyer beware” situation that can place unsuspecting consumer’s health and personal privacy at risk.

This exclusive “network” will include organizations that strictly adhere to MedicAlert’s Code of Conduct and ensure that consumers are benefiting from quality service and consumer protections. The new “network” is designed to elevate standards among medical ID providers and further expand our efforts to protect lives by ensuring medical IDs bought from participating network organizations are backed by MedicAlert’s emergency response services and readily identifiable by emergency personnel. We are pleased to announce that Hope Paige Medical ID Marketplace is the first participant in our integrated “network” of elite emergency medical identification providers. The partnership with Hope Paige has resulted in the offering of MedicAlert’s emergency response services with selected Hope Paige medical IDs, through the Hope Paige website. Additionally, we have added a “Hope Paige Collection” to our medical ID catalog.

With the holidays just around the corner, we want to wish you a safe and happy holiday season and thank you for your continued support of our nonprofit, charitable mission. May your homes be filled with happiness and joy throughout this special time of year.

President & CEO, MedicAlert Foundation
Mr. Wigglesworth has over 20 years of extensive experience in the healthcare field in the nonprofit, for-profit, and public sectors. He brings to MedicAlert Foundation® a strong commitment to enhance the Foundation’s role and mission as an advocate for individuals and families navigating today’s complex healthcare system, particularly in emergencies.