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National Nurses Week- Time to Say ‘Thank You’ for your Commitment to Saving Lives!

MedicAlert takes the opportunity this week to recognize Nurses’ impact on Health care. National Nurses week is recognized annually from May 6- May 12; reminding Americans to pay tribute to all Nurses throughout our Nation.

Fulfillment through Saving Lives

Nurses have continued to promote the health of our nation through their tireless commitment to caring for patients in all situations.

“Being a nurse is one of the most fulfilling jobs I’ve ever had. It is such an honor and privilege to take care of another person…” says Mary Vargas, Pediatrics RN. “I have the opportunity to encourage, to teach and empower someone to take control of their health.”

Finding Compassion While Dealing with Demands of the Job

When an emergency situation arises, nurses remain the first line of protection in the deterrence of illness and injury.

Administering medications, preventing complications, changing dressings and bedpans are just some of the several demands a nurse may encounter within their potential 12-16 hour workday.

She proceeds to say, “As a nurse you are taking care of another human being during their most vulnerable time.”

“You look into the eyes of an infant, a child, an adolescent, young adult, a mother or father-all searching for reassurance that what they are going through will have a positive outcome.”

In addition, the continuous advancements and changes within the healthcare industry creates constant demands for nurses to step out of their comfort zones and become active contributors to the industry as a whole.

Demands of an Evolving Healthcare System

The Healthcare Industry is perpetually changing and evolving. Today, more than ever, nurses are stepping out of their comfort zones and becoming active contributors and innovators within the health care system.

With the several demands of their job, knowing a patients’ medical condition and/or allergens to medications right away allows nurses to provide exceptional care from the time of a patient’s admittance.

“When a patient comes into the hospital, often times their symptoms can resemble several different medical conditions. This can make it difficult to pinpoint an immediate proper course of treatment. However, with the presence of a MedicAlert medical ID; we are able to retrieve the persons’ full health information, including medical condition and allergens to medications, if they are unable to answer our questions.”

MedicAlert Medical ID

MedicAlert Foundation understands the importance of receiving exceptional medical treatment in the event of an emergency. You can have the peace of mind knowing your medical alert bracelet or medical ID will immediately connect medical professionals with your emergency information. Our 24/7 Emergency Response Service ensures first responders and health professionals can obtain your treatment protocol or other health directives. While receiving outstanding care, our 24/7 Family Notification Service also ensures your designated family members will be contacted to ensure you are quickly reunited with loved ones.

About our charity
MedicAlert protects the health and well-being of millions of members worldwide through our trusted emergency support network. We educate emergency responders and medical personnel - our partners in everyday emergency situations. And we communicate your health information, your wishes, and your directives to ensure you receive the best care possible.