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Member Testimonial: Juliet Robinson

In 2006, Juliet Robinson became a member of MedicAlert Foundation after her neurologist recommended she purchase a MedicAlert membership in order to protect herself from underlying medical conditions she had, including severe allergies, Tourette’s syndrome, and Dystonia.

In 2012, that decision paid off while working in the food service industry as a bakery manager. Juliet would write to MedicAlert Foundation stating, “If it wasn’t for my bracelet I wouldn’t be writing this right now!” Juliet highlighted how her MedicAlert membership helped save her life while at work.

As someone with severe allergies, Juliet understands the risk that may come while working in an environment with many types of foods and possible allergens, but she always felt she was safe while wearing her MedicAlert medical ID. In late October, while working at her desk, Juliet reached for a Kleenex tissue assuming it was a plain unscented tissue as it had been many times before, however, it was not. Instead, the tissue has been mistakenly switched to one with Aloe Vera and lotion. Juliet’s most severe allergy is to all forms of Aloe and as soon as the tissue had touched her nose, she knew she was in real danger.

“…I was starting to have trouble breathing, and was beginning to panic,” Juliet wrote in her letter to MedicAlert. Juliet immediately injected herself with her EpiPen® and an ambulance was called. Juliet’s throat began to swell and wasn’t able to communicate with emergency personnel - she also did not have identification readily available. The only identification she had was her MedicAlert bracelet around her wrist.

“MedicAlert has such a wonderful reputation and history within the medical field” said Juliet, adding, “EMTs were able to access my records while we were en route and I was able to get proper treatment, even when I wasn’t able to speak for myself.”
MedicAlert contacted Juliet’s family, including her husband and mother, about the incident and they were able to come and be with her during her medical treatment.

Without her MedicAlert medical ID, and MedicAlert’s 24/7 Emergency Response services, Juliet realizes that things could’ve turned out much worse saying, “You never know how valuable this truly can be until the day come where you don’t know where you’d be without it.”

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Director of Advancement, MedicAlert Foundation
Mr. Mitre has over 10 years in lead administrative capacities with non-profit, educational and healthcare organizations. Currently he serves in the leadership role managing all philanthropic programs for U.S. operations. Victor connects donors, partners and friends to MedicAlert Foundation through philanthropy.