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Family with Hemophilia B Helped By Medical ID Bracelets

Seeing your children diagnosed with Hemophilia B,a bleeding disorder, isn't an easy situation to take in for any parents, but for the parents of Dale & John Katzenberger, that’s exactly what happened two and a half years ago to their two children, Jake and Dixon.

When the Katzenberger's sons were officially diagnosed, the Hemophilia Center in Colorado encouraged MedicAlert memberships and provided her with applications.

Medical IDs and Bracelets Support Severe Medical Conditions

As parents, both Dale and John knew they would need the lifesaving benefits of MedicAlert to safeguard their children during a medical emergency.

Then, Dale discovered something amazing happened and she found out that their membership was being covered through the generosity of the Soule Family Foundation grant, which offers free enrollment and provides MedicAlert's live 24/7 Emergency Response services and medical IDs to qualified children living in the state of Colorado.

“We are very thankful to the Soule Family Foundation because MedicAlert is so important in our lives. Should anything happen to my boys I know MedicAlert would help save them. Extending MedicAlert coverage when my children were just diagnosed with this frightening illness was so helpful.”

Hemophilia B, a Rare Bleeding Disorder

Hemophilia B is a rare genetic bleeding disorder in which affected individuals have insufficient levels of a blood protein called factor IX. Factor IX is a clotting factor, which is an important protein used in the process of hemostasis for normal blood clotting, the process by which blood clumps together to plug the site of a wound in order to stop bleeding.

Individuals with hemophilia B do not bleed faster or more profusely than healthy individuals, but because their blood clots, they have difficulty stopping the flow of blood from a wound.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Dale and John’s children are rough and tumble, happy, healthy children of 10 and 13. Jake is the eldest and known for being “Mr. Athletic” and is ever passionate about skiing and baseball. Dixon the youngest of the boys is a mastermind with Lego building and design skills, but definitely loves skiing with the family and playing baseball as well.

Both their children have broken bones and had firsthand experience on what this bleeding disorder can do to their young boys. Treatment is necessary immediately in order for their condition to stabilize.

Dale recalled one experience where her youngest son fell and hit the back of his calf on his bike pedal. The injury seemed relatively small until a huge hematoma developed overnight. Her son required treatment with a heavy dose of Factor IX in order for his blood to clot and start healing normally.

Had his injury been worse he could have died without appropriate care.

“I know that I can’t be with my children every minute, especially now that they are getting older. With my boys being so athletic and involved with sporting events, having MedicAlert is invaluable to us. It’s like having a coat of armor, an extra bit of protection on them.”

Charitable Donations Make a Difference

You too can help protect other children with severe medical conditions, such as Hemophilia B, by making a tax deductible charitable donation to MedicAlert Foundation today. It is because of everyday people like you, that our charity has been able to provide our lifesaving services for over 50 years.

From all of us here at MedicAlert, thank you for your support for kids like Jake and Dixon and the countless more that have been provided the protection that MedicAlert provides.

Director of Advancement, MedicAlert Foundation
Mr. Mitre has over 10 years in lead administrative capacities with non-profit, educational and healthcare organizations. Currently he serves in the leadership role managing all philanthropic programs for U.S. operations. Victor connects donors, partners and friends to MedicAlert Foundation through philanthropy.