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Breanna showing off her MedicAlert at age 12. She’s now 15.

Breanna Chapman Refers to MedicAlert as her Guardian Angel

As an infant, Breanna Chapman experienced her first ambulance ride due to extreme sleep apnea.

This would be the first of several hospital visits, where she would be transported by ambulances due to her life-threatening asthma as well.

“She has extremely sensitive and twitchy reactive airways which has limited her activities but never her spirit!” said mom, Jill.

At one point, having this severe asthma caused Breanna to become steroid dependent; triggering hypertension and making it vital for her to take blood pressure medication several times a day.

Diagnosis of Severe Asthma and Sleep Apnea

At a very young age, she was diagnosed with viral, exercised, allergen, and irritant induced asthma.

Due to the severity of these asthmatic diagnoses, Breanna no longer attends public school. It is crucial that an adult be with her at all times in the event that she becomes unresponsive due to a severe reaction.

Taking proactive measures to ensure she receives exceptional medical care during a medical emergency is exactly what Breanna’s parents did, when reaching out to MedicAlert over 7 years ago.

MedicAlert Medical ID Bracelet

“Having a MedicAlert bracelet gives my parents and I peace of mind. It’s like having an extra guardian angel around when mom and dad can’t be there,” said Breanna.

With her Purple MedicAlert ID Bracelet,both she and her parents feel comfort in knowing she is watched over when an emergency situation arises.  MedicAlert’s 24/7 Emergency Response will connect emergency responders and medical personnel with your child’s health information when they are unable to speak, confused or unaware of their surroundings. Our 24/7 Service allows your child to live life to the fullest and eliminates the worry of you or your loved ones’ may have regarding your child’s health.

Living Life to the Fullest

In April of 2010, Breanna was granted a life-altering gift.

Her team of doctors and specialists received approval to send her to the Nation’s Leading Respiratory Hospital.

After several weeks of diagnostic testing and treatments at National Jewish Hospital in Denver, CO, Breanna received a new course of action on how to treat her “severe asthma.”

The several diagnostic tests weighed heavily on her at times, but mom states, “She was a trooper the entire time!” The specialists gave them several suggestions on how to avoid Breanna’s asthmatic triggers.

“Since our stay at National Jewish Hospital, she has become a new kid,” says Jill. “Back at home we rely on her super star doctors that have put her back together and back on track!”

With her Kaiser team of Pediatric Specialists, along with MedicAlert, mom and dad feel beyond blessed to have an ideal support team both to prevent and aid in any emergency situations.

After finding a wonderful team of doctors, they have since created a combination of medications which has controlled her hypertension and allows her to be off blood pressure medications completely!

Today, she is a happy teenager with a positive outlook on life!  


MedicAlert Team Member