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Happy Thanksgiving from MedicAlert Foundation

Thanksgiving has always been a special time of year for me, just as it is for millions of Americans. Each Thanksgiving, I can’t help but recall all the wonderful memories of past Thanksgivings; the changing leaves, the aroma from the oven, and the deep appreciation and gratitude of being around people I love. Thanksgiving has always been the one day, set aside from all others, in which all of us could come together and be grateful for our family, friends, health, and the time given to all of us.

Here at MedicAlert, I’ve always loved the feeling of coming together, giving back, and of helping others during their times of need. It gives me a reminder of the same feelings I received during Thanksgiving with family and friends, and is one of the primary reasons I joined MedicAlert. For over fifty years, MedicAlert’s lifesaving services has been connecting first responders with our member’s underlying health conditions through MedicAlert’s 24/7 live medically trained staff. Whether it’s Thanksgiving, or other holiday festivities, MedicAlert’s live 24/7 emergency call center has been a pillar to providing the services we offer today.

This Thanksgiving, we want to ensure you stay safe and continue to take advantage of all our services. For those of you planning to travel, be sure to update your EMIR (Emergency Medical Information Record) if needed. The holiday season can be of particular concern for allergy sufferers as traveling to relatives’ homes and encountering different meals can bring someone into contact with allergens. If you or a loved one is impacted by allergies, be sure to take steps to safeguard against interactions with allergens. This can include bringing your own meals, notifying family and friends of your allergy concerns, and to take medications along if necessary. A great tool to utilize, and learn more about allergies, asthma, and respiratory problems, is found through MedicAlert’s Health Library located here. At MedicAlert, our primary concern is your health and safety, and although we all love this time of season, it’s important for us that you stay safe.

As a charity, we give thanks for the support we’ve received from our members, donors, and volunteers. Each year, as another Thanksgiving approaches, we reflect on the support from all. It is our goal to give-back and support those in need of our services, yet, each year we are always amazed by the support we receive, including the many donations made to the Dr. Marion Collins Society, a philanthropic effort in honor of our founder Dr. Marion Collins Society. So this Thanksgiving, we want to take the time and thank all of you, because without you, the lifesaving services MedicAlert offers wouldn’t be possible.

Thank you.

Chief Operating Officer, MedicAlert Foundation
Karen Lamoree serves as Chief Operating Officer for MedicAlert Foundation® with responsibility for Information Technology, Marketing, Business Development, Policy and Research, Compliance, and Facilities. In this role, she oversees the strategic direction of the company’s information technology and operational initiatives. Lamoree recently led the company’s redesign of the ERP, CRM, PHR and Finance/Accounting systems which has been the subject of several articles.