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Children's Skin Allergy Bracelet

6-Year Old Kid With Skin Allergies Flaunts His Super Powers With New Medical ID Bracelet

Many of you may remember 6-year old Jamie Moore, who this past July was announced MedicAlert Foundation’s winner in the contest to name our Kid Smart yellow sports band!

Jamie said he chose BAM Yellow because yellow is his favorite color and after seeing the medical bracelet, he couldn’t help but shout “BAM!!” 

“Wearing my bracelet makes me feel good and special. I know I need it to keep me safe because I have medical allergies,” says Jamie.

Safeguarding in the Event of a Health Emergency

Jamie became a Kid Smart member at the age of 3 when he began attending school fulltime.

His parents wanted the reassurance of knowing he would receive exceptional medical care if an emergency occurred while in their absence.

“MedicAlert gives our family peace of mind because it will speak for Jamie if he cannot. With Jamie’s long list of medical allergies, having the MedicAlert system means Jamie is safe at school, on field trips, at summer camp, sporting activities or out with friends,” said Jamie’s mom Nichola.

“This is especially important as Jamie gets older and becomes more independent. We trust MedicAlert to keep Jamie safe and provide first responders and the medical professionals with potentially life-saving information for Jamie!”

Skin Allergy Diagnosis

At just 4 months of age, Nichola began to notice what appeared to be freckles developing on her son Jamie’s skin.

Soon after his first birthday, the doctor diagnosed Jamie with Urticaria Pigmentosa- a skin disease most commonly seen in children and infants.

As the body releases an excess of histamines; an immune response begins, causing reactions such as itching, blotchiness and redness of the skin.


Safety of a Kids Medical ID Bracelet

The words “Use Caution with Anesthesia” are inscribed on Jamie’s MedicAlert yellow sports band.  Having these words are vital to his healthcare when being taken to the hospital during an emergency. If he is unresponsive, the use of anesthesia could be life threatening.

During the spring and summer months, when most kids are playing outside and carefree, Jamie tends to grow apprehensive with the presence of bees swarming about. He is well aware of the foods and environmental factors that can trigger his allergens.

Too much direct sunlight, jellyfish, bees, strawberries, and other histamine rich foods can cause an instant reaction.

Although Jamie knows what to watch out for, if he becomes unresponsive or panics in the event of a reaction, many others, including first responders, would not know proper treatment.

This is why Jamie never leaves home without his yellow sports band, and MedicAlert is with him 24/7!