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MedicAlert Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit membership organization.

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A Simple Idea That Saves Lives


“I think I can save more lives with MedicAlert than I’ll ever save with my scalpel.”  
- Dr. Marion C. Collins, MedicAlert Founder, 1956


It all began over 63 years ago, with a simple idea. What started as a father’s desire to protect his daughter from a fatal allergy became a mission that to this day is changing the world.

In 1953, 14 year old Linda Collins suffered a near-fatal allergic reaction to a tetanus antitoxin during an emergency room visit. Her father Dr. Marion was determined to find a solution that would protect her in an emergency by making her allergy known to medical personnel. When their daughter traveled, Dr. Collins and his wife Chrissie attached a paper note to one of Linda’s ornamental bracelet as a simple makeshift medical id. The note would explain to any emergency personnel that she was allergic to tetanus antitoxin, aspirin and sulfa.

In 1956, when Linda went off to college, Dr. Collins and Chrissie were nervous for her safety. That’s when Dr. Collins’ idea for a more durable solution was born. Working with a jeweler in San Francisco, he designed the first ever MedicAlert ID bracelet engraved with Linda’s allergy information. When others saw Linda’s bracelet, they expressed interest in having a bracelet to inform emergency personnel about their own allergies, diabetes, or heart conditions. Realizing this idea could help many people, Dr. Collins and Chrissie knew they had to embark on a mission to save and protect lives. Soon after, they launched the MedicAlert Foundation to make their life-saving bracelet available to others living with allergies and other chronic medical conditions.

Dr. Collins’ innovation is the perfect example of being proactive when living with an allergy. The original medical ID bracelet for Linda, now in the Smithsonian Institution, communicated vital medical information so she could live a full life, be protected, and give her parents peace of mind while she was away from home.

Just like Linda and Dr. Collins, people living with allergies seek peace of mind as they navigate daily activities.

But where do you find it? With a MedicAlert ID and membership.

What is MedicAlert? Well, it’s not just a medical ID. MedicAlert is peace of mind, knowing that if you have a medical emergency, MedicAlert Foundation has your back. With a MedicAlert ID and membership, your medical history and emergency info is stored, safe and secure, in your MedicAlert profile.

How does it work? First responders are trained to look for a MedicAlert ID. During a medical emergency, accessing your MedicAlert ID number on the bracelet, necklace or tag, will connect emergency personnel to MedicAlert’s 24/7 Emergency Response Team. They relay your complete medical history and list of emergency contacts, providing first responders with a detailed health record and action plan.

With a MedicAlert ID and membership service, you’re free to live your life with confidence, knowing that your critical medical information will be shared in an emergency. As those that live with allergies or other chronic conditions truly understand that there is no price tag on feeling safe and secure.

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