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Father and daughter cooking together, chopping bell peppers

June is Men's Health Month

Did you know that on average, men’s life expectancy is 5 years younger than women? Men have higher rates of heart, respiratory, liver, kidney and other diseases. And men are also less likely to be insured.

All of this impacts their ability to be involved fathers, supportive partners, and engaged community members.

However, as Father's Day nears, there are several things you can do to help Dad get - and stay - healthy. Let’s get started!

June is Men's Health Month

1. Encourage him to get a physical

Most of the factors that contribute to men’s shorter, less healthy lives are preventable. Prevention starts by going to the doctor on a regular basis. Setting baselines for factors such as blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, and PSA (a screening test for prostate cancer risk)—and monitoring how they change over time—will help your doctor catch potentially dangerous conditions early, when they’re still treatable.

June is Men's Health Month

2. Encourage him to GET physical

Don’t just tell your dad to exercise and then hope that he will, do it WITH him. Play bocce in your backyard, join a recreation league at your local community center, sign up for group personal training sessions to get fit together, or simply make a routine out of regular walks.

June is Men's Health Month

3. Tell him you care

One reason men disregard their own health is that they’re too busy taking care of everyone else. What they don’t realize, however, is that if they are sick, they’ll be hurting the very people they’ve worked so hard to protect. So remind him that you and your other family members love him and need him to be alive and healthy for as long as possible.

And of course...

June is Men's Health Month

Make sure Dad is wearing a MedicAlert ID. It provides peace of mind and the freedom to live life knowing our Emergency Response Team is there around the clock. Need a new ID for Dad? Go here to find a medical ID that works for your Dad's unique style.