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Play Safe While Enjoying Your Summer Days At The Beach

Whether you are a highly developed swimmer or prefer to simply be a toe-dipper, the ocean waters can be a merciless and daring place once you are caught in the oceans current.

Don’t get trapped in the unforgiving waters by taking un-necessary risks while on your beach vacations with family and friends this summer.

Although safe practices aren’t always on the top of our minds while enjoying our sunny days at the beach this summer; carelessness while swimming in the ocean can lead us into troubled waters.

When spending time in the ocean waters during these hot summer months, remember some safety tips that will ultimately save your life.

Ocean Swimming Safety Tips

1. Swim at patrolled beaches & avoid isolated areas- when swimming in areas monitored by lifeguards, you have the added protection should something unexpected occur. You may be a hardcore swimmer experienced in the ocean waters, but it’s nearly impossible to predict the timing of strong currents or unexpected leg cramping which can impact your ability to swim.

2. If in doubt, stay out- if you lack confidence in your swimming or fitness abilities, it’s best to avoid the ocean water. Cooling down in shallow waters is likely okay but refrain from going out past knee deep.

3. Don’t swim alone- take a swim buddy with you and stay within arm’s reach. If in a large group of people, do a head count before going for a swim and once again when leaving the water.  

4. Keep young children close at all times- always ensure younger children and inexperienced swimmers wear life vests anytime while in the water. Keep them within arm’s reach and never take your eye off them.

5. Refrain from panicking & raise an arm- panicking when in trouble takes up more energy and can cause swimmers to make unwise decisions which can ultimately cost them their lives. If finding yourself out of your depth and running low on stamina, remain calm and float with your head above water. Raising and waving your arms can get the attention of other swimmers close by or a lifeguard.

Have fun and stay safe during your summer ocean adventures! 

MedicAlert Team Member