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A New School Year, Medical Conditions, and protecting our Children’s Health & Safety--What Every Parent Must Know

As summer comes to an end; it’s natural for parents to begin anticipating the challenges our kids will face as they transition to a new school year.

Learning in a different classroom, meeting new teachers, and developing new friendships are enormously exciting for our kids. However, as a parent I understand the overwhelming demands in preparing our kids for their first day of the new school year.

Yet, if you’re a parent of a child with an underlying medical condition; then making preparations for your kids’ new school year requires additional steps to ensure their health and safety while being away from your care.

Maintaining an active daily routine of car pools, homework, after school activities and those wonderful time consuming science projects can be taxing on us parents as well as our children. This is why we need to rely on our most trusted and 24/7 dedicated services for our child’s healthcare.

Ensure School Personnel is Aware of Your Child’s Medical Conditions

While out shopping for your child’s new school attire, don’t forget to incorporate their most necessary accessory- a new Kid’s MedicAlert medical ID sports band that will help first responders identify your child’s underlying medical conditions during an emergency.

MedicAlert offers Medical ID bracelets and necklaces fit for both children and teens. These medical IDs allow the school nurse and other faculty to immediately be aware of your child’s underlying medical condition(s); while also providing your child with comfort and ease as they prepare for the new school year ahead.

We continuously strive to protect our children, particularly when we can’t be there. With MedicAlert’s extensive selection of medical ID necklaces and bracelets; school faculty and first responders and can immediately connect to your child’s complete health history.

A Large Part of our Back to School Preparation Plan Involves MedicAlert

Like most kids, my sons are consumed with nervous excitement at the start of each new school year. What’s different is they go to school with multiple, life-threatening food allergies,’’ says Alice Nguyen.

Adding, “This means my family has to make extra preparations to ensure they’re safe and the people around them know what to do in case of an allergic reaction. A big part of our preparation plan is MedicAlert.

“Before the school year begins, my sons look forward to picking out new MedicAlert sports bands or bracelets and I feel better, too, knowing they are wearing their MedicAlert ID’s while at school.”

Update your Child’s EMIR (Emergency Medical Information Record) for the School Nurse

Confirm your child’s school has all of their current health information when starting back to school.

Update and print their EMIR to take to the school nurse prior to or on the first day back to school.

Your child’s EMIR should include:

  • Known medical conditions
  • Medications they take
  • Food, medication and drug allergies
  • Their most up-to-date immunizations record
  • Contact information for you, other family members, and your child’s pediatrician
MedicAlert Team Member