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Habits That Can Make Your Seasonal Allergies Worse

Don’t get rid of your tissue supply just yet…This year’s allergy season continues to be one of the worst in years. Summer may soon be coming to a close, but allergies are still in full swing. While some people continue to stock up on sunscreen, others are arming themselves with a plentiful supply of Kleenex.

Millions of Americans suffer from the annoyance of seasonal allergies each year. If you are among those suffering from allergies, you may have developed some tricks over the years in an attempt to avoid your triggers.  

Although avoiding your known allergen triggers may seem fairly straightforward, you may be unaware of less obvious factors that can make symptoms worse.

6 Common Allergy Triggers Making You Miserable & How to Fight Back

If your allergies are awful, you may want to consider some hidden allergy triggers that can be making your symptoms flare up.

1.Stressful work deadlines- stress hormones can stimulate the production of blood proteins that cause allergic reactions. When under stress, we typically don’t get enough sleep and lack of sleep can worsen allergy symptoms and stress. If struggling with lack of a good night’s sleep, visit for 20 ways to sleep better every night.

2. An extra glass of wine with dinner- alcohol can raise the risk of allergic rhinitis by 3% for every additional alcoholic beverage consumed each week. Bacteria and yeast in alcohol produce histamines that cause allergy symptoms to flare up. If battling allergies, try not to overdo it on the vino

3.Waiting too long to take meds- taking medications a few weeks before being exposed to allergens has a greater affect. Many unfortunately tend to wait until after their allergies begin acting up to take histamine blockers.

4.Houseplants that make you sneeze- your beautiful house plants can actually be bringing tears to your eyes. Allergens in plant sap can disperse into the air, setting off your itchy nose and watery eyes. Researchers have found that ficus, ivy, orchid, and palm are most bothersome to those living with allergies.

5.Workouts done indoor lap pools- working out in an indoor chlorinated pool can wreak havoc on your system. Although used to disinfect, chlorinated water is highly irritating to the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract.  Consider wearing goggles at all times when in the chlorine to help prevent irritation.

6.Family, friends, and co-workers who smoke- those suffering from allergies can be especially sensitive to the toxic chemicals and irritants of cigarette smoke. Avoiding going inside homes of those who smoke and keeping a good distance from areas at work designated for smoke-breaks is always a good idea. 

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