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Breathe Easier With An Allergy Or Asthma MedicAlert ID

National Asthma & Allergy Month brings awareness to the millions of Americans who suffer from asthma and/or allergies each year-both conditions which have no cure.

Asthma and allergy conditions can be risky and deceiving to live with, primarily because they can be triggered by several different factors anytime and anywhere. 


Preparing for an Asthma or Allergy- Related Emergency

Asthma doesn’t always look the way people may expect. The seriousness of an attack can often be overlooked, making it all the more critical to be protected 24/7 should an asthma emergency occur.

Feel protected 24/7 with your personalized MedicAlert Asthma ID – The inability to communicate during our most vulnerable times is a terrifying thought to say the least.

If you or a loved one suffers from moderate to severe asthma, then you understand the importance of getting immediate medical treatment during an emergency.

Wearing a MedicAlert medical ID at all times, especially when leaving home can help give you the peace of mind to live each day to your fullest, even while living with asthma. If unable to communicate during an emergency, your medical ID will speak for you.

When first responders and medical personnel see your MedicAlert asthma ID, they are immediately connected to your complete health history, avoiding the possibility of medical errors being made while providing you with exceptional treatment and care.  


Feel protected 24/7 with your personalized MedicAlert Allergy ID - For many, allergies are simply annoyances, and for others they can be life-threatening, making it critical for those to wear a personalized medical ID with all known allergens.

Environmental factors and hidden triggers can stimulate an attack at any time. 

Allergies are especially problematic for younger children. For example, kids living with food allergies may not always pay attention to what they are eating when outside the home. Children's allergy ID bracelets serve as a reminder to adults what foods to avoid giving other children. 

It is critical for first responders to be made immediately aware of allergies during an emergency in order to provide a proper course of treatment, which can make the difference between life and death. 

MedicAlert Team Member