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Arm Your Graduate with 24/7 Protection Before Starting Their New Journey

As parents, we are filled with pride when watching our children reach their milestones throughout the years. Witnessing their first steps, losing their first tooth, walking with them into their first day of Kindergarten, and seeing their smile as they cross the stage at their high school graduation are just a few landmarks we’ll never forget.

When your graduate’s first college acceptance letter arrived, you probably felt both anxious and excited for their journey ahead. 

Graduation creates an opportunity for your teen to experience more independence. With this new found independence as they move away from home, it is even more crucial to safeguard their health during an emergency.


MedicAlert Will Watch Over Your Graduate

Before distance separates you from your graduate, take steps to ensure their health is protected 24/7 while being away at school.

If your teen has been sporting the same medical ID for the past four years, surprise them on graduation day with an ID from our new stylish product selection.  Don’t forget to update your graduate’s most pertinent health information when purchasing their new MedicAlert ID.

Don’t allow yourself to constantly wonder if your child is safe while away from your care. With MedicAlert’s 24/7 Emergency Response, first responders will be immediately be connected to your child’s emergency health record.

After communicating their health information, our second priority is to contact you with our 24/7 Family Notification Service. We will communicate the status of your child’s condition and where they are being treated so that you can quickly be reunited.

After freshman orientation and campus tours have concluded, you can drive away with the peace of mind in knowing MedicAlert will protect your child 24/7.

In honor of your graduate, MedicAlert is offering FREE SHIPPING on orders of $50 or more. This is a limited time offer so shop today and don’t miss out!


MedicAlert Team Member