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MedicAlert Kid Smart®

Specialized Services to Ensure Your Child is Protected, and You are Informed

Our Kid Smart service bundle extends the services that children (and their parents) receive to ensure additional protections are in place. Along with MedicAlert’s signature suite of services, the Kid Smart service includes:

24/7 Family Notification

After communicating your child's health information, we will contact their loved ones. We will communicate the status of your child's condition and their location so you may be quickly reunited with them.

24/7 Wandering Assistance Service

Should your child wander and become lost, MedicAlert Foundation will document the incident and reach out to you if a first responder (or good Samaritan) advises us that they have located your child. We will ensure you are made aware of your child’s location and will help coordinate reuniting your child with loved ones.

Document Storage

MedicAlert Foundation will provide you with the ability to store medical documents related to your child’s health. Documents that may be stored include: Immunization Records, X-Rays, Special Treatment Instructions, and more.