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MedicAlert Foundation Urges All Americans To Make Their Wishes Known In Recognition of National Healthcare Decisions Day

TURLOCK, California (April 16, 2012) – MedicAlert Foundation is proud to participate in the National Healthcare Decisions Day (NHDD) Initiative. The goal of NHDD is to encourage individuals and families to discuss healthcare decision making and advance planning, such as understanding treatment options, exploring attitudes and values on end-of-life care, sharing views with family and friends on treatment wishes, documenting those wishes, and appointing a healthcare proxy.

“It is important for all American families to have a conversation about Advance Directives to make sure their health care wishes are known in the event of a serious illness or injury,” said Andrew B. Wigglesworth, President and CEO of MedicAlert Foundation. To assist individuals and families in developing an advance directive to ensure their wishes are communicated, MedicAlert Foundation provides consumers with the official forms for each State to download, as well as provisions for managing their advance directives. With MedicAlert’s Advance Directive Management Service, written advance directives are safely and confidentially stored, and can be made available 24/7 when and where they’re needed to designated contacts - including family members, healthcare proxies or agents, and doctors. With MedicAlert, advance directives can be delivered 24/7 anywhere in the world where there is access to a phone or the Internet.

Consumers are encouraged to download the state-authorized forms from MedicAlert’s website - The forms may be filled out online and printed to be duly notarized with the signatures and contact information required in each state. When consumers register with the MedicAlert Advance Directives Management Service, they will receive a number of benefits which include:

  • Live 24/7 Emergency Response Services
  • Live 24/7 Family and Caregiver Notification Services
  • Personalized MedicAlert Wallet Card

For additional information about National Healthcare Decisions Day and efforts throughout the country, visit

About MedicAlert Foundation

Established in 1956, the nonprofit MedicAlert Foundation pioneered the use of medical IDs and delivers the most dependable, responsive, intelligent, and trusted Emergency Identification and Medical Information Network. MedicAlert provides the functionality of an e-health information exchange through an innovative combination of a unique patient identifier linked to a personal health record and a live 24/7 emergency response service. MedicAlert Foundation International medical IDs alert emergency personnel to a member’s primary health conditions, medications or implanted medical devices. In addition to its 24-hour emergency response service, MedicAlert Foundation International also provides family and caregiver notification so that members can be reunited with their loved ones. Visit for more information.

Monday, April 16, 2012