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MedicAlert and RapidDeploy partner to provide 911 telecommunicators and first responders with medical data to improve outcomes

The partnership between MedicAlert Foundation and RapidDeploy fundamentally changes the way 9-1-1 operates, empowering first responders to provide faster, better care.

TURLOCK, CA — July 26, 2021 — Today the MedicAlert Foundation, creator of the globally recognized medical ID system, announced a long-term strategic agreement with RapidDeploy, the industry’s leading cloud-native emergency response platform. Through the partnership, MedicAlert will deliver members’ critical health data to public safety dispatchers via the RapidDeploy platform.

MedicAlert members wear a medical ID and maintain an emergency health profile with their MedicAlert membership. The profile is a detailed personal health record that includes information on medical conditions, medications, allergies, vaccinations, medical devices, and patient instructions. It’s what MedicAlert relays to first responders when a MedicAlert member experiences an emergency.

“For 65 years, MedicAlert members have relied on us to provide medical information to first responders in their moment of need,” said Karen Cassel, MedicAlert Foundation CEO. “This partnership helps introduce critical health data even before emergency personnel arrive on scene. It’s another way that we’re making members’ health information available wherever and whenever it’s needed.”

When a MedicAlert user calls 911, RapidDeploy’s Radius 911 Tactical Call Taker Map and Nimbus Cloud Aided Dispatch solutions will receive their life saving health data from MedicAlert. This enables telecommunicators and dispatchers to increase the first responders’ situational awareness and reduce response times by providing the user’s MedicAlert information directly to the responder.

“So many things affect how you should be treated in an emergency,” said Cassel. “For a first responder to know in advance, from RapidDeploy as part of their 911 workflow, that the patient is diabetic, has high blood pressure, or is taking a blood thinner – that dramatically improves the quality of care the responder can provide right off the bat. It protects our members and empowers first responders.”

RapidDeploy's patented interface with a 911 center’s telephony system automatically displays an intuitive map-based call taker interface, with rich supplemental data like the MedicAlert health profile pertaining to the specific call being handled. The data allows for critical elements of patient triage to be performed on the way to the incident.

“The mission of RapidDeploy is to shorten response times by improving situational awareness,” said Steven Raucher, Co-Founder and CEO at RapidDeploy. “By partnering with MedicAlert, we are excited to add new medical information to our platform, giving telecommunicators and first responders advance knowledge of caller-specific health profile information before arrival - potentially providing life-saving context they would not have had until arriving on scene.”

MedicAlert’s Cassel noted that the RapidDeploy partnership is another way, along with MedicAlert’s new Smart Medical ID Card, of putting the rich health data that MedicAlert holds to work protecting their members.

In an emergency, every second matters. This partnership with MedicAlert and RapidDeploy gets the right information to the right people at the right time to save and protect lives.


MedicAlert Foundation is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization, and the creator of the original medical ID. The MedicAlert emblem is globally recognized by first responders and emergency personnel, who connect with MedicAlert’s 24/7 Emergency Response Team for a member’s full health record. Since 1956, MedicAlert has been helping those with chronic medical conditions receive fast and accurate emergency care. MedicAlert serves millions of members in the U.S. and through 10 global affiliates. For more information, visit


RapidDeploy is the industry's only truly open and integrated response platform, transforming 9-1-1 communications centers of any size into data-centric organizations. RapidDeploy achieves new levels of situational awareness and reduces 9-1-1 response time by seamlessly integrating third-party data ensuring it is available when, where and how Telecommunicators and First Responders need it. The company's cloud-native platform includes analytics, mapping, dispatch and first responder applications. To learn more, visit

Saturday, July 24, 2021

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