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Start Building Healthy Habits today for Proper Diabetes Management

Today as we celebrate World Diabetes Day, MedicAlert encourages Americans to be aware that the choices we make each day directly impact our health. 

World Diabetes Day continues to be celebrated on November 14th each year to raise diabetes advocacy and awareness.  This observance is marked by various activities taking place throughout the United States. Free diabetes screenings are offered at thousands of doctor’s offices and wellness centers worldwide.

According to the CDC, 29.1 million people are currently living with some form of diabetes. 21 million people have been properly diagnosed, leaving an alarming 8.1 million people living each day without proper treatment of their disease.


Take Control of Your Health

If living with diabetes, there are essential lifestyle changes that can be made to manage the disease. It is up to each of us to be mindful and take control of certain aspects of our lives that can directly influence our health for the years to come.

Medical professionals discuss the 3 most influential factors that directly affect our blood sugar- nutrition, exercise, and medication management. Living a healthy life and achieving our dreams is obtainable through controlling what we eat, being physically active, and following doctor’s instructions on insulin and/or other diabetes medication dosages.


The Safety of a MedicAlert Medical ID

Regardless of how vigilant we may be regarding our health, there always remains the possibility of an emergency occurring at the most unexpected time or place.  By wearing a MedicAlert medical ID, you can have the peace of mind in knowing MedicAlert will speak on your behalf if you cannot during an emergency.

Your personalized Diabetes Medical ID will inform first responders and medical personnel of your specific treatment needs. All MedicAlert IDs are backed by a full suite of 24/7 emergency response services including Family Notification, so that you can be quickly reunited with the ones you love.

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