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Make Plans to Spend Your Tax Refund Dollars Sensibly

It’s possible that tax refund checks maybe the largest single lump sum of money the average American family receives in a typical year.

In February, Channel 3 News reported from a survey that fewer Americans plan to use their tax refund to pay down debt or increase savings. Instead, results discovered that more of us will simply spend it.

When that much-anticipated refund gives your bank account a face lift in the upcoming weeks, don’t let your money be spent just anywhere.


Your Tax Refund can Help Safeguard You & Your Loved Ones during an Emergency

Do you have plans for your refund? What better way to spend a portion of your refund, then to ensure you and your loved ones will be protected 24/7 should an emergency occur.

Emergencies happen at the most unexpected times, which is why wearing your personalized MedicAlert ID 24/7 is crucial. If your MedicAlert ID is outdated, this is the perfect time to use your tax dollars to invest in a new, stylish ID.

With extra funds in your pocket and outdoors summer adventures just around the corner, don’t forget to purchase a backup ID as well to ensure you are always protected.

In addition, if looking to protect those you adore and love most during an emergency, look no further than our extensive selection of IDs the entire family will love. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and graduation are quickly approaching.

Has it been several months or even years since you’ve upgraded your MedicAlert services? When purchasing your new ID, don’t forget to confirm you are getting the full suite of My MedicAlert Services.

The My MedicAlert Service package includes:

24/7 Emergency Response- First responders and medical personnel are trained to look for MedicAlert IDs and call our 24/7 Emergency Response Center.  We immediately connect them with your medical history, reducing the possibility of medical errors, while ensuring you receive exceptional treatment and care.

24/7 Family Notification- After communicating your health information to first responders, MedicAlert’s second priority is to contact your loved ones to communicate the status of your condition and where you may be quickly reunited.

Emergency Health Record- When becoming a MedicAlert member, you are given an Emergency Health Record that you can maintain and access 24/7 from anywhere. This is the information MedicAlert immediately relays to first responders during an emergency.

Live Customer Support Specialists- Our customer support specialists are available to assist you with medical information updates, service upgrades, medical ID purchases and engraving recommendations. 

There is no time like tax refund time to make your dollars count by investing in the most important thing- your health. 

MedicAlert Team Member