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Arm Your Kids 24/7 with the Protection of a Personalized MedicAlert Medical ID

At times we tend to convince ourselves that our “mom and dad superpowers” really do exist- the powers that allows us to shelter our kids 24/7 by keeping a close watch on their every move. When in reality, these are impossible standards to uphold.   

In the first months, or in some cases, the first few years of our children’s lives, we can be home with them day and night, having the peace of mind knowing we are there to protect them. 

But eventually the time comes when their first day of daycare, preschool, or grammar school arrives, and we have to trust their safety to others when we cannot be there.


Eliminate the Risk of Medical Errors Being Made on Your Child during an Emergency

Trusting the health and safety of your child with others can be even more difficult  if he/she lives with one or more underlying medical conditions such as asthma, food allergies, or diabetes.

Feel the peace of mind in knowing your child is protected 24/7 with a personalized MedicAlert ID wherever they are. While at school, dance rehearsal, sport’s practice, a friend’s house, or away at camp, MedicAlert can be their voice during an emergency.

Your child’s MedicAlertl ID gives others around them awareness of their condition. Their personalized ID will immediately link first responders to their complete health history during an emergency.

 MedicAlert’s Kid Smart® service will help eliminate potential medical errors from being made, while also updating you on your child’s condition and where they are being treated.  

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