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New Year Safety Checklist- For Your Home, Your Vehicle, and Your Family


Safety Checklist Infographic

This New Year is a great time to perform regular maintenance and safety checks for your home, your vehicle, and your family. This checklist will help you be proactive in finding potential problems before they turn into disasters. From inspecting your water heater to maintaining your emergency contact list, we hope this checklist aids your family in safely preparing for 2015.

Safety Checklist for Your Home

(courtesy of Real Simple)



●Repair/replace loose or frayed wires

●Consider adding electrical outlets where you currently rely on extension cords


Home Heating:

●Examine outside vents

●Hire a chimney sweep

●Inspect water heater


Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors:

● Test alarms and replace if needed

● Clean all detectors by vacuuming each grille



● Install deadbolt locks to every outside door

● Advertise your home security system (even if you don't have one)

●Give a spare key to a trusted neighbor instead of using hide-away key tricks



● Keep rechargeable flashlight by your bed (you can light your way through smoke or send signal to firefighters)

● Put light switches at top and bottom of all stairs to prevent falls

● Paint bottom basement step white so it's more visible


Safety Checklist for Your Vehicle

(courtesy of AAA)



● Make sure terminals are tight and clean. If lights seem dim or vehicle starts are sluggish, have the electrical system, including battery, checked by a technician.



●Check coolant strength with a hydrometer. Recommended protection level is -36 degrees. Never check hot.


Belts and Hoses:

● Check belts for cracks or fraying. Check hoses for leaks, bulges or cracks. Make sure clamps are secure.


Windshield Washer/Wipers:

● Make sure reservoir is filled with washer solvent. Replace wiper blades if needed.



●Check oil, brake, transmission, radiator coolant and power steering fluid levels. Follow owner’s manual directions.


Air Filter:

● Hold air filter up to a light. If you can’t see through it, replace it.



● Inspect wear. Check pressure with a gauge when tires are cold. Refer to owner’s manual for recommended air pressure and tread depth specifications.


Safety Checklist for Your Family

(courtesy of MedicAlert Foundation)

● Make your list of health conditions, allergies and medications readily available in the event an emergency (update your health information and download a printable version of your MedicAlert health record to give to your spouse or to keep in your wallet)

● Protect yourself and your loved ones with a MedicAlert medical ID

● Ensure your emergency contact list is up-to-date should you and your loved ones become separated during an emergency or natural disaster (manage your emergency contacts through your online MedicAlert account)


About our charity
MedicAlert protects the health and well-being of millions of members worldwide through our trusted emergency support network. We educate emergency responders and medical personnel - our partners in everyday emergency situations. And we communicate your health information, your wishes, and your directives to ensure you receive the best care possible.