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National Nutrition Month®- We Are What We Eat

As National Nutrition Month comes to an end, it's important for us to continue making healthier food choices. Wholesome nutrtion is essential to our overall health and well-being, and creating a balanced diet for our kids beginning at a young age will help set the standard for their eating patterns in the years to come.

Take the first step toward improving your overall health this spring season by incorporating more color into your daily snacks and meal plans. With the chaos of everyday life, making healthy nutritional choices can often seem challenging to say the least.

Many of us can admit that it’s often easier to make food choices based on convenience rather than taking the time to prepare healthy snacks and meals each day. However, there is a direct negative affect to this convenience factor- eating fast food daily, in addition to regular unhealthy snacking habits, greatly increases our risk of developing serious health issues down the road.  

Today, try to avoid driving through the nearest fast food restaurant on your lunch hour and or your way home from work tonight. Instead start taking the time to mind your health and your family’s health by making the commitment to prepare healthy snacks and foods in advance.  

Strategize Healthy Eating with New Snacking Solutions  

Start your path towards better nutrition with using different snacking strategies to avoid unnecessary fats and sugars. Do you tend to constantly get hungry between meals or need to watch your blood sugar levels throughout the day?

Try these helpful tips to avoid the vending machines at work

1. Bring nuts and dried fruit to keep on hand for snacking at your desk.

2. Keep veggies, yogurt, cheese and whole grain crackers, in the office fridge to satisfy snacking cravings.

3. Measure out your snack portions at home to bring to work each day to avoid the temptation of snacking too much.

Pack & Go Meal Planning

Wherever your day takes you-school, work, running errands or vacationing with the family, get in the habit of making your food and take it with you. Meal planning goes a long way when trying to incorporate more nutrition into your diet.

Are you running out the door each morning, leaving the healthy foods behind while grabbing whatever is within reach?

Start planning your daily portioned lunches in advance. Food prepping Sunday nights for the week ahead or every few nights for the upcoming days may seem tasking, but will save money on fast food while also being a key factor in holding yourself accountable to eating more nutritious.

Freezing your portioned meals is a great way to prepare more in advance. When creating your pack & go snacks and lunches for the week, don’t forget to incorporate a variety of greens and protein-rich foods including:        

  • Washed leafy greens
  • Ready-to go cooked or raw veggies
  • Cooked poultry and fish
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Salads
  • Non-cream based soups 

Start making your nutrition a priority today!