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“What’s Behind Your Bracelet?”

Today, MedicAlert celebrates our ability to have adapted with the times over the past 59 years in order to best serve the needs of our customers. We continue to take great pride in understanding the needs of our customers, and remain committed to putting those needs first.

Your continued feedback allows us the ability to offer essential life-saving services which work in collaboration each day to protect both you and your loved ones.


More than Just a Bracelet

As a MedicAlert customer, your personalized medical ID has more value than any other generic ID in today’s market. Your personalized ID serves as a gateway to link first responders and medical personnel to your most pertinent health information during an emergency.

The services found behind our bracelets create a trusted 24/7 LIVE Emergency Response service that sets MedicAlert apart from all other medical ID providers today.

In your most vulnerable time of need, your engraved MedicAlert ID will speak on your behalf to help safeguard against medical errors. A full suite of “My MedicAlert” services support your ID, and have been especially designed to protect you during an emergency.


  • 24/7 Emergency Response- First responders and medical professionals are trained to recognize MedicAlert IDs and to immediately call our 24/7 Emergency Response Center. We immediately connect them to your up-to-date medical history to ensure your receive quick and exceptional treatment.
  • 24/7 Family Notification- After communicating your pertinent health information, MedicAlert’s second priority is to contact your loved ones. We will inform them of the status of your condition and your location you may be quickly reunited.
  • Emergency Health Record- Upon enrollment, MedicAlert provides an electronic Emergency Health Record that you can access anywhere and update at any time. Your health record is what allows MedicAlert specialists to communicate your medical information to first responders and medical personnel during an emergency.


Our dedicated team works together each day to ensure our customers receive exceptional treatment and care during an emergency.

Working for an organization whose sole commitment is to protect and save lives is why we are not only thankful, but also proud to be a part of the MedicAlert team.

We look forward to serving our loyal customers for decades to come! Thank you for your continued support

MedicAlert Team Member